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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas.  Volunteers and committee members have the opportunity to make new friends, learn more about Down syndrome, and contribute to the programs and services offered in their community. 

Types of Volunteering:

One-On-One Volunteering: Volunteers will serve as peer buddies at various events (i.e. the zoo, a baseball game, movie) with teens and adults with Down syndrome. Volunteers will form ongoing relationships with self-advocates and also support staff in making sure the event goes smoothly and as planned.

Group Volunteering: If you are a part of a larger organization (i.e. National Charity League, Young Men's Service League) please have your volunteer coordinator contact Samantha Escherich ( to register for events that often require a larger group of volunteers. Group volunteers typically do not serve one-on-one with families or self-advocates but will rather help set up and tear down events.

Individual & Event Specific Volunteering:
Similar to group volunteering, this is an opportunity for one to volunteer on their own for a larger event (i.e. Buddy Walk, Golf Classic). Volunteers will often perform behind the scenes tasks like setting up and tearing down for the event.  

Process to become a One-On-One DSG Volunteer:

If you are interested in becoming a One-On-One DSG volunteer, please fill out this interest form:

1. Complete a Volunteer Training workshop through the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. 

There are no training workshops scheduled at this time.  Please fill out the interest form above to be notified when the upcoming dates are.

2. Complete DSG volunteer application (application to be completed at training workshop).
3. Complete Background Check (paperwork to be completed at training workshop). You will be notified upon your approval.
4. Now you are ready to sign up for one-on-one events!